Roscoe Bartlett

Roscoe and Ellen Bartlett with some of their grandchildren

Visitor Magazine

October 2014, Servant of God, Friend to Man

June 2013,  Rep. Roscoe Bartlett: Retired but not Tired

January 2012,  Reaching Out, Empowering Within

March 2011,  4th Street Friendship talks Relevant Community Outreach

Post-Standard Articles 

Caroline Sussman, It's All Good, V. Michelle Bernard health article
March 2, 2010 Out with the bad, in with the good

May 4, 2010, Laurie Michelman, a clown, offers ways to boost a sick person’s spirit

April 20, 2010, Shaping up at work; fitness program helps employees lose weight, get healthy

April 8, 2010, Baldwinsville Air Force veteran turns passion into new art gallery in Cazenovia, grand opening Friday

March 22, 2010, Author, illustrator and CNY native Tracy Sugarman to speak at Syracuse University about new book

March 9, 2009, Central New York gambling addict shares her story to raise Awareness

February 20, 2010, SUNY Cortland sophomore and Clay Native Brandon Massey in ‘Be Dickie V’ Contest

February 18, 2010, Craft Chemistry arts and crafts wants to be creative hub for North Side of Syracuse

February 4, 2010, Syracuse Jewish Community Center opens teen center at ShoppingTown Mall

December 14, 2009, Medical interpreters bridge language, cultural gap for Syracuse/Central New York refugees

Other Publications

Pee-wee Herman, V. Michelle Bernard article

 September 2010, Handshake Magazine
Pee-wee Hits the Theater — Again

Spring 2010, What the Health
Escape From Stress

March/April 2007, Constructor Magazine
Leading the Industry in Environmental Stewardship

January/February 2007, Constructor Magazine
2006 Election Impact On Construction Industry

 January 2005, Library of Congress Gazette
Multicultural Fellowship Launched

 November 2004, Library of Congress Gazette
American Indian Law Classification Begins

September 2003, Visitor Magazine
Music Ministry Profiles 2

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