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Children enjoying Black-Eyed Susan Day

Children enjoying Black-Eyed Susan Day












June 29, 2016, columbiaunionvisitor.com and adventistreview.com, West Virginia Asks Adventists to Help Oversee Flood Relief

April 21, 2016, adventistreview.com, Hundreds of Thousands of Adventists Share Hope on Sabbath in North America

November 19, 2015, adventistreview.com, 626 Baptized in Major U.S. Evangelism Series

April 30, 2015, adventistreview.com, Adventists Pray for Healing After Baltimore Riots

April 28, 2015, adventistreview.com, Adventist Leaders Reach Out in Violence-Torn Baltimore

December 10, 2014, columbiaunionvisitor.com, Columbus Area Pastors Urge Protestors to Pray

May 7, 2014, columbiaunionvisitor.com, Why our Churches need to be on Social Media

March 4, 2014, columbiaunionvisitor.com, Columbia Union President Offers Prayer for U.S. Senate 

July 5, 2013, ab2news.com, Pope John Paul II’s influence still felt in Batimore

June 14, 2013,  abc2news.com
Slideshow: Harlem Globetrotter Bull Bullard visits Pinewood Elementary

June 14, 2013, abc2news.com, Harlem Globetrotter “Bull” combats bullying at Pinewood Elementary

May 28, 2013,  abc2news.com, Slideshow: Rosedale train derailment


May 17, 2013, abc2news.com, Woman’s running wins her trip to Black-Eyed Susan Day

May 14, 2013, abc2news.com
Delegate Don Dwyer appeals 20-day jail sentence

February 25, 2013, abc2news.com, Local filmmakers prefer Baltimore

February 8, 2013, www.abc2news.com  (linked to on CNN.com)
Mother smothers & kills 2-yr-old daughter, who she believed was possessed by an evil spirit

February 7, 2013, www.abc2news.com
Loyola University confirms case of bacterial meningitis

February 1, 2013 , www.abc2news.com
Bride changes wedding reception to reflect Ravens

Errol Webber, Baltimore Oscar winner

Baltimore Oscar winner Errol Webber. Photograph by V. Michelle Bernard, http://www.abc2news.com

January 31, 2013, www.abc2news.com
Court listens to Michael Johnson’s wiretapped conversations about Phylicia Barnes case

January 18, 2013 , www.abc2news.com
Just how much work goes into preparing for an Inaugural parade performance?

January 14, 2013, www.abc2news.com
Baltimore inauguration events and attractions

June 23, 2011, www.abc2news.com
Teen sex at home? Would you allow it?

June 25, 2010, Handshake Magazine
The Nintendo Cure-All
Graphic and article edited by V. Michelle Bernard

June 18, 2010, Handshake Magazine
Osbourne Begins Career as Health Journalist

Spring 2010
5 Budget Travel Tips for Eating in South Korea
Produced by V. Michelle Bernard

Summer 2009
Connecting With Kids: An Interview with Lindsey Nash
Photography by V. Michelle Bernard & Lucy Wang. Edited by Mike Mascucci, Wang & Bernard. Lindsey Nash, V. Michelle Bernard photography, Lucy Wang photography


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