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Let’s put a warning on Paula Deen’s show

In Uncategorized on January 19, 2012 at 11:25 pm

Photo from Chris Cassidy at http://www.Casspix.com.

Smoking on television is mostly shunned, violence on television regulated, and swear words are often censored. But one very real *killer* runs rampant on the airwaves daily– a recipe for obesity and disease. Just ask Paula Deen.

Celebrity chef Paula Deen recently revealed that she has type 2 Diabetes, a disease largely preventable through a healthy diet, exercise and moderation in fatty foods.

Eating the fattening, yet yummy, foods she regularly demonstrates on her show doesn’t equal a new case of diabetes. Obviously there is more involved in the process of getting diabetes than eating fattening foods once in a while. But a steady diet of it, combined with a sedate lifestyle puts you at a much greater risk.

My question is– Why is it OK to glorify and normalize eating such foods (dare I say diabetes-inducing?) when the depiction of violence, smoking, and questionable language are regulated?

Right now 33 percent of Americans are obese, yet less than 3 percent of Americans are shot or killed by guns each year.

You’d think we’d be at least equally interested in preventing obesity, and the lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and type 2 Diabetes that can follow it.

I’m not trying to bump Deen off the airwaves, but maybe it’s time to think about at least including a warning on shows that promote unhealthy eating?

Watching Paula Deen’s show could be dangerous for your health.