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Konglished Again

In Konglish, loosing my English skills, Native American reverse culture shock on October 5, 2010 at 4:21 pm

Am I brown-headed or a brunette? Sometimes it’s hard to remember.

The waiter was finally ready to take my order. I wanted “low hot” Panang Curry.

My boyfriend had to tell the waiter that I meant mild.

I’m the one that normally translated Konglish into English, not the one that needed a translator!

How had my English slipped so much that I couldn’t even remember “mild”? I barely even spoke any Korean. (Shameful, yes indeed.)

Many English teachers in South Korea, and I’m guessing across the globe, have a funny way of coming home with a slightly lower level of English. It becomes easy to summarize and simplify your vocabulary after talking with novice-level English speakers for months. I must fight the urge to speak in Konglish!

Has anyone else found themselves speaking in Konglish (or another combination of languages) after returning home from another country?