Loosing my Konglish Skills

In Konglish, Konglish terms, making a boyfriend on March 1, 2010 at 6:56 pm

After living in South Korea foreigners pick up the lovely language that is Konglish, a mixture of Englishee and Hangul.

Foreigners don’t speak as fluently as the locals trying to learn English, but pieces of it are added into our daily conversation, spicing it up and allowing us to express things that can only be understood by others who have also lived in Korea.

Here are some Konglish examples:

I want to make a boyfriend= I’d like to get a boyfriend
Fighting= Be strong, you can do it! or Go Get Em!
Churchee= church. You can basically add on an “ee” at the end of any word and it turns into Konglish.

Here are some examples of Konglish hard at work in the music industry:

After coming back to America last summer I found myself inserting my meager Konglish/Hangul language skills into everyday conversation like we did in Korea. But, no one understood me. I had to slightly change the way I had been talking for almost two years. Doesn’t “chack a man eyo” sound more commanding then “wait a minute!?”

It was a sad realization.


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